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Everest Nursing Programs

Nurses can be an invaluable asset to physicians in a health care environment.

The Everest nursing programs provide educational opportunities to a diverse population of qualified students seeking to acquire the knowledge and skills required for the practice of nursing.

The nursing faculty members strive to create a learning environment that accommodates individual needs, fosters personal growth, and promotes a meaningful contribution to society.

Utilizing strategies reflective of the rapid and emerging changes in educational technology, the faculty structures learning opportunities in a variety of health care settings with emphasis on experiences applicable to clinical practice.

The objective of our nursing programs is to provide students with the appropriate didactic theory and hands-on skills required to find entry-level positions, according to their specific program preparedness, as nurses in various types of health care facilities.

The Everest family of schools offers among the nation's respected and highly regulated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Vocational Nursing (VN) and Practical Nursing (PN) programs. Currently, our Board of Nursing approved programs are available in high-demand locations across the U.S. Programs and schedules vary by campus.

At Everest, we're preparing the next generation of qualified nurses today to meet the growing health care demands of tomorrow. To request information about any of these nursing education programs, simply complete the contact form.

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